Oh My GOD!

Everybody, long time no see…..

Today I want to talk about a MSN virus, I am very frustrated about this…. Oh My God! You may want to know that what is the virus look like (it is very ugly 😀 ) :

u’r foto, on facebook?? http://facebook-images.org/gallery.php?=XXX@hotmail.com

(XXX is your MSN username, but it is not important of the virus, and also don’t click the link below)

Someone asked me how I knew it is a virus… It is what I think actually:

I clicked the link (I really thought it was the photo!), and the link want me to download a photo, but it is a DOS file…. What a stupid virus 😀


Screen shot after I clicked the website

If you clicked the website, try to delete those files….


One Response to Oh My GOD!

  1. kevin33112 說道:

    I download it. XD



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