Houston Rockets V.S Portland Trailer Blazers


Today, I watched NBA play-offs, it was a competition between Houston Rockets, and Portland Trailer Blazers. Yao-Ming got about 10 more points in the first round, awesome. And his shooting average is 100%. The No.7 (Mr. Roy) in Portland Trailer Blazers also got a good show. In the first round, two teams got points easily, quickly, strongly:

Score/ Team Houston Rockets Portland Trailer Blazers
1st round 34 23
2nd round 28 21
3rd round 23 14
4th round 23 23
Total 108 81

Yao-Ming took 24 minutes in the competition, and he got 24 points in the competition, 24 really a beautiful number in this competition for Yao-Ming. But Yao-Ming wasn’t the people who got the highest point in this competition, the people who got the highest point was Aaron Brooks from Houston Rockets, he got 27 points, and played for 35 minutes.

Houston got a big joke, I think it was very funny. Houston was a defence team, right? But in the first round, they didn’t defence nicely, they only shot and shot. Their main coach was so mad about this, but Rockets still got an awesome score in the first round.

Well, Portland Trailer Blazers also took their effort, too.